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Measures coronavirus at NorthC

The measures taken to limit the outbreak of the coronavirus have a major impact on society, the way we live and the way we work. More and more companies work from home, schools are now closed and children take online lessons. Stores physically close their doors and only sell through their web shops. Public life is limited and people go online en masse. This demands a lot from the IT infrastructure in the Netherlands. However the ecosystem, with its digital highways, can handle the transportation and processing of the large amounts of data. Where necessary, companies scale up. We notice that. Customers add extra servers to increase online capacities. With our partners, we do everything we can to continue the digital connection. This means that we also take extra measures and tighten them if necessary.

Measures coronavirus

  • We follow the precautions and recommendations of the
  • We ask our customers to visit our data centers only when it is necessary and critical for business continuity.
  • We have spread the working hours and locations of the employees as far as possible. This means that our employees in the various teams work from different locations or from home.
  • We ask employees with flu symptoms to stay home.

In case of additional questions with regards to this message, please feel free to contact our Service Team: +31 88 623 3000