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A digital business, a personal approach

We are NorthC. Market leader in regional data centers. We are also the largest reliable provider of colocation and connectivity services featuring the best digital ecosystem. Carrier and cloud neutral.

Stronger together

NorthC is a merger of the organizations The Datacenter Group and NLDC. The Datacenter Group originated from the hosting industry, and NLDC from the Telecom industry. Two IT businesses that understand the IT market and the needs of the customer. By bundling our extensive knowledge and years of experience we are now the largest regional data center organization in the Netherlands.

Our methods help you grow

The human dimension is the common thread though our organization. Here people come before processes. This is in the DNA of each of us. In everything we do we keep our core values in the back of our minds. Open, personal, flexible and entrepreneurial. We work in a culture where we give each other room to accelerate, share ideas, and take on challenges. A culture in which we give each other feedback and make each other better. Allowing us to bring out the best in ourselves. We cooperate optimally, share ideas and come to innovative solutions. It ensures we are better able to help you on your digital journey and allows us to offer you the best service possible and fulfil your needs under any and all circumstances. We build strong relationships. With each other, and with you. This is how we help your organization and make it grow.

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Alexandra Schless about the merger:

“We now have ten data centers spread across the Netherlands. We are located in the Amsterdam metropolitan region with no fewer than four data centers, but we also operate in Rotterdam, Delft, Nieuwegein, Groningen, and Eindhoven. This means that we are always nearby. In distance, but certainly also in the relationship. We speak your language and share the regional identity. What hasn’t changed? Our involvement. Because we still are, for 100%. In everything you do.”

Our data centers as sustainable heat source

At NorthC we believe it is important to take civic responsibility, so we ensure our data centers are as sustainable as possible. We use 100% green energy for example. But we do more than that. Because with taking responsibility comes the duty to do something for society in return. Even if this means investments on our part. In infrastructure for example. We are currently using the residual heat we produce with our data centers to heat schools, greenhouses, and a pool. We’re even heating an entire campus. Are we exceptional in this? Perhaps. But this feels only natural to us. After all, we are happy to be at the center of society.

Sustainable data centers