Data Center Eindhoven 2: High Tech Gateway

The Eindhoven region is one of the fastest growing economic regions in the country and has a huge impact on all of North Brabant. In addition to the data center on the High Tech Campus (HTC), NorthC is now building a new one called High Tech Gateway at the Goederen Distributiecentrum (GDC) Eindhoven-Acht. Want to know more?

Data center Eindhoven 2: Digital growth ambitions:

With our new data center (the High Tech Gateway), we’ll support the digital growth ambitions of Eindhoven and Brabant. Multinationals such as Philips, NXP and Intel, as well as numerous SMEs, research institutes, service companies and startups, work together here on innovations that will change the world. All of this high-tech activity needs an world-class data center partner who is familiar with the region, brings together the right parties and offers connectivity with important cloud providers and carriers in the region. Added to this, we’re connected to all the major internet hubs around Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Data center in Brabant as a gateway

The NorthC data center will be located on the growing GDC Eindhoven-Acht business park, directly located on the A2 and right next to Eindhoven Airport. Companies and institutions in this area and around it will have access to a cutting-edge data center and connectivity hub, and acts as a gateway to the rest of the Netherlands, Europe and the world. Check out the spec sheet:

High Tech Gateway

Brabant, and in particular the metropolitan region of Eindhoven, is a breeding ground for economic activity and innovation, with a strong focus on tech and IT. Digital transformation and the use of the cloud are vitally important to both multinationals and SMEs who work here. A complete ecosystem has now emerged that helps local companies achieve their strategic goals.

Internationally, Eindhoven is also known for the highly regarded Technical University (TU/e) and the Brainport Eindhoven innovation center. It’s why this region has become an important high-tech gateway and testing ground for students, and a wide range of innovative companies. To fully support this ecosystem, sufficient high-tech data center capacity is an absolute must.

As a result, Brabant will become an important cloud and connectivity hub with fast digital connections with the rest of the country supplied by NorthC.

Focus on sustainability

Sustainability and energy consumption are very important factors for our data centers. NorthC works hard to ensure ours lead the way in this area. And so the High Tech Gateway will have hybrid emergency power generators that run on the very sustainable green hydrogen and gas. Compared to standard diesel generators, this will result in a huge saving of 75 tons of CO2 per year. This is equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of 37 cars (at an average of 11,000 km per year, source CBS). Just like all other NorthC data centers, the High Tech Gateway will run on 100% green electricity. Added to this, its innovative, sustainable cooling system won’t use any drinking water. In fact, the new data center will exchange residual heat with other companies at GDC Eindhoven-Acht.

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