Data Center Winterthur (Zurich)

Situated at the core of Switzerland's financial hub, our state-of-the-art data center offers a fortress of data processing and security. Its location beneath the 'Turm Areal' holds both symbolic and practical significance. There are few places that merge such central positioning with optimal logistical amenities.

Features of Data Center Winterthur (Zurich):

  • Built in compliance with Tier-3 classification for maximum security and availability
  • Guaranteed Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001 certified)
  • Suitable for high-density computing environments
  • The data center is connected via a redundant backbone network to our data centers in Münchenstein (Basel) 1, Münchenstein (Basel) 2, and Biel (Bern)
  • A connectivity hub with a large number of (inter)national network providers
  • Access to a vast range of cloud services and providers, including Microsoft Azure (Express Route), AWS, and Google Cloud
  • Security on-site 24/7/365
  • A dedicated site manager for all your operation-related queries


Theaterstrasse 15b+c

8400 Winterthur

Route details

Our data center Winterthur (Zurich) is located in the heart of the Swiss financial landscape, right in the city of Winterthur. The state-of-the-art data center stands as a fortress for data processing and security. The location beneath the “Turm Areal” is not just symbolic but also practical. Hardly any other place combines centrality and logistical conveniences so flawlessly.

With a PUE value of below 1.35, our data center guarantees a highly energy-efficient operation of your servers. For this, we use 100% green electricity.

Winterthur (Zurich) is also connected via a high-speed backbone to our other Swiss data centers in Biel and Münchenstein.

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Your data in a secure environment

Our certifications guarantee and demonstrate the quality and continuity of our services

Power Supply

  • 100% Green Energy
  • 66% Swiss hydropower, 33% EU hydropower, 1% Winterthur solar power
  • Redundant power sources 11kV
  • Transformers: 2 x 1600 kVA, expandable to 4 x 1600 kVA
  • Diesel generators (container construction) 2 x 3100 kVA
  • UPS systems 2 x 2 x 400 kVA, expandable to 2 x 5 x 400 kVA

Fourth Swiss NorthC Data Center in Winterthur 

Following our acquisition of the data centers from the Swiss company Netrics in Biel and Münchenstein in 2022, NorthC Group expanded into the Zurich region with the addition of the Datacenter Winterthur (Zurich). Since July 2023, a comprehensive service offering has been available across all of German-speaking Switzerland. This expansion aligns with our commitment to addressing the rising demand for regional IT solutions that have an international reach. Customers can rely on our data centers for a robust and secure IT foundation, with direct access to a broad ecosystem of regional, national, and international cloud and network providers. Additionally, our Swiss data centers are interconnected through a high-speed fiber-optic backbone, cementing a strong presence in the Basel, Biel-Bern, and Zurich regions.

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