Data Center Münchenstein (Basel) 1

Münchenstein (Basel) 1, situated on the NorthC Campus, is a cutting-edge data center tailored for high-density computing. Its counterpart, Münchenstein (Basel) 2, serves as the ideal backup for it.

Features of the Münchenstein (Basel) 1 data center:

  • Built in accordance with the Tier 3 classification for the highest levels of security and uptime
  • Power systems built in accordance with the Tier 4 classification, for 99.999% availability
  • Suitable for high density computing environments, up to 25 kW per rack
  • The Münchenstein (Basel) 1 data center is linked via a redundant backbone network to our other Swiss data centers
  • Connectivity hubs with a large number of national and international network providers
  • Access to a broad range of cloud services and providers, including Microsoft Azure (Express Route), AWS, and Google Cloud
  • 24/7/365 on-site security


Weidenstrasse 41

4142 Münchenstein

Route details

Our Münchenstein (Basel) 1 data center, a few kilometers from downtown Basel, is perfect for colocation and high-density computing. Boasting a PUE value below 1.24, it ensures energy-efficient server operations using 100% green energy.

Münchenstein (Basel) 1 is seamlessly linked to our other Swiss data centers through a high-speed backbone.

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Energy efficiency and residual heat

The Münchenstein (Basel) 1 data center meets the latest energy efficiency standards. It operates on 100% green energy, and the heat it generates is harnessed to warm surrounding buildings. This residual heat is also utilized by the local heat network, nearby businesses, and to maintain our emergency power generators at their operating temperature.

Aquisition Netrics data centers

In 2022, NorthC Group acquired the data centers of Swiss company Netrics, in Biel/Bienne and Münchenstein. With this acquisition, we have expanded our growing network of regional data centers in northwest Europe and now allows us to provide services to clients if their business is operating in Switzerland. It’s all part of our drive to meet the growing need to regional IT solutions with an international scope. Our data centers offer clients a solid and secure foundation for their IT environment, with direct access to large ecosystem of regional, national and international cloud and network providers. Our Swiss data centers are linked via a high-speed backbone fiber-optic network and have a strong position in the Basel and Biel-Bern regions. The Münchenstein data centers are located only minutes away from Basel city center, close to the border triangle between Switzerland, Germany and France. The locations offer excellent accessibility, located just 600 meters from the train station and around 2km from the main highways. The international airport Basel-Mulhouse is 20 minutes away, by car or train.

Our connectivity partners

Our data centers offer direct connectivity with key internet exchanges, including SwissIX, ensuring high-speed data connections with the world. We combine this with a far-reaching network of national and international cloud providers and other IT partners. Our high-end connectivity partners in the Basel data centers include: Swisscom, UPC, Sunrise, Quickline AG, Netrics, Energie Service Biel, Gas&Com, and SFN Swiss FibreNet.

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