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We value your privacy

At NorthC we value your privacy and believe you should be able to establish exactly what happens to your data. In this Privacy Statement, we explain for what purposes NorthC processes personal data and how you can exercise control over this process.

Data processing

We collect and retain data you enter on our website (https://www.northcdatacenters.com/en/) or which you otherwise provide to us or to any third parties we engage when you use our services. This data may include, but is not limited to:

– any data you provide to us for the purpose of NorthC datacenter services;
– any data you provide to us when contacting us;
– any information we collect through the use of cookies;
– any additional data you may provide to us via social media, websites or third-party services.

Personal data we process
NorthC processes your personal data because you use our services and/or because you voluntarily provide us with this data. Below is a list of the personal data we process:

– Surname and given name(s)
– Sex
– Date of birth
– Telephone number
– Email address

We process the following data automatically:

– IP address
– Location details
– Web browser and type of device used
– Service provider through which you access the Internet

Retention periods

Personal data processed in the Datacenter:

– Video images: 4 weeks
– Access details: 6 months

Personal data relating to contracts:
For the period during which the data is necessary for the performance of the contractual relationship (i.e., the original purpose for processing the data), after which it is deleted

Personal data relating to websites (cookies):

– Tracking cookies: 14 months
– YouTube cookies: 8 months
– Consent cookies: 1 year

Use of information
Uw persoonlijke informatie zal uitsluitend worden gebruikt ten behoeve van:

the provision, management, and operation of the NorthC services (both by NorthC itself and by the third parties engaged by NorthC for this purpose);
the provision of services or potential services (by third parties) through a NorthC datacenter;
being able to provide you with personalized content or to contact you in order to advise you of services provided through a NorthC datacenter service which might be of interest to you;
other purposes, provided you have given your explicit consent.
We will not sell, or temporarily provide access to, your personal data to any third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent.

Rejecting and deleting cookies

You can set up your browser so that no cookies are stored, so that you can accept or reject each cookie, or so that all cookies are deleted when you close your browser. A useful step-by-step plan for managing your cookies is available on the website of the Dutch Consumers’ Association.

Cookies are placed on every device that is used to visit websites. If you do not wish to receive any cookies at all, you must adjust the settings on all devices that you use. Please note: if you reject and/or delete cookies, this will also affect cookies that are absolutely necessary. This may mean that the Website will not work optimally or that you will no longer be able to use some functionalities.

Marketing cookies 

We use marketing cookies to track visitors of our Website when they visit other websites. The purpose of these cookies is to show the visitor advertisements on various websites, tailored to the visitor’s preferences and interests. These are known as “third-party cookies”. The cookies listed below are managed by social networking service LinkedIn. LinkedIn may use these cookies and the information collected with them for its own purposes. In this context, please refer to LinkedIn’s privacy policy. The marketing cookies are placed and read by the relevant provider. We have limited knowledge of these cookies and have no control over them. As a result, we do not accept any responsibility or liability for these cookies or for how the provider of these cookies handles the information collected. We also use the Act-On Software, Inc. service to collect data on the behaviour of Website visitors. Please refer to the privacy policy of Act-On Software, Inc. for more information about this service.

Analytical cookies 

Analytical cookies record how visitors use our Website. This information gives us insight into the use of our Website and allows us to improve it. We use the Google Analytics service, which places analytical cookies of Google Inc. We use these web statistics to improve our services and more specifically our search results. Click here for more information about these cookies and their term of validity. Google also allows you to opt out of data collection in the context of Google Analytics. Click here to avail yourself of this option. Click here for more general information about how Google uses cookies.

We also use tools such as Hotjar’s analysis tool to know what visitors of our Website click on the most and to place polls and surveys on our Website. Hotjar collects, among other things, data on your device’s IP address (in anonymous or pseudonymous form), the type of device, browser information, the geographic location (only the country) and the preferred language. Click here for more information about the Hotjar cookies. You can opt out of Hotjar storing data on your use of our Website by following this opt-out link. The same goes for the analysis tool of Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), which we use to gain a better understanding of the use of our Website and to place polls and surveys on our Website. It collects the same type of data as Hotjar. Click here for more information about the VWO cookies. You can opt out of VWO storing data on your use of our Website by following this opt-out link.

Functional (necessary) cookies

We use functional cookies that are necessary to display the Website and enable navigation. We must also place a functional cookie to remember your choice for accepting or rejecting our cookies. Our staff read these cookies on a need-to-know basis.

Direct marketing

NorthC may occasionally update you on developments at NorthC and its services. If you no longer wish to receive electronic commercial messages from NorthC, you can indicate this at any time through a link in the email you received.

If you no longer wish to receive direct mail, please advise us at any time by sending a message to NorthC’s correspondence address

Access, correction and deletion

You have the right at any time to ask NorthC what personal data relating to you is stored in NorthC’s database by sending a message to NorthC’s correspondence address.

If you believe your personal data is incorrect, no longer accurate, incomplete, or irrelevant to the purposes for which it is processed by our company, you can request NorthC to update, improve, or delete your data by sending a message to NorthC’s correspondence address.

In order to verify that the request for access, improvement, or deletion of your data was submitted by you personally, we ask that you provide us with a copy of a valid identity document, e.g., your passport. We request that, in this copy, you black out your passport photograph, the MRZ (machine-readable zone – the strip containing numbers at the bottom of the passport photo page), passport number and Dutch Citizen Service Number

(Burgerservicenummer – the Dutch social security number) or your country’s equivalent in order to protect your privacy. We will respond as soon as possible; and in any event within four weeks of receiving your request.

NorthC would also like to advise you of your right to submit a complaint to the national data regulator in the Netherlands, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Data Protection Authority). You can contact them through the following link: https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/nl/contact-met-de-autoriteit-persoonsgegevens/tip-ons.


If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement or if you believe your interests have not been adequately considered, please inform us by sending a message to NorthC’s correspondence address.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

NorthC reserves the right to amend or modify this Privacy Statement at any time and for any reason whatsoever. If the Privacy Statement is modified, we will change the revision date at the top of this page accordingly.