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Region Connect Ring

Fast and reliable data connectivity for international businesses in the Netherlands

NorthC creates a nationwide virtual data center via reliable fiber optic connections, which offers you substantial benefits:

  • access to a complete ecosystem of Dutch and international partners, carriers, hosting providers, and other service providers;

  • connections without a single point of failure because each location has its own geographically separated backup connection;

  • a secured network, managed entirely by NorthC, which offers benefits in terms of flexibility, guaranteed availability and short delivery times.

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Access to cloud services

For NorthC customers, data, applications, connections and cloud services from all other NorthC data centers are available in the data center where your organization is already present. Thus, your local data center becomes the enabler for your cloud strategy, the gateway to a wide range of Dutch and international services. This makes it the ultimate solution if you work with partners, prospects, clients, and suppliers in different regions of the Netherlands.

For example, do you want to collaborate with partners, customers and providers in other regions of the Netherlands? Then the Region Connect Ring is the right solution for you. You’ll have access to the many public cloud services and providers that we offer through our cloud connect partners.

We offer you a flexible, reliable, and scalable connectivity solution that makes all your data, applications and (cloud) services securely accessible. Regardless of where you are in The Netherlands.

Benefits of the Region Connect Ring

  • from all our locations you have access to the services and national/international partners in other NorthC data centers;
  • short delivery times and flexibility;
  • a guaranteed bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit/s, or 10 Gbit/s;
  • high availability, redundant network of dedicated lines;
  • expand your business and digital ecosystem.

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