Cloud Connect

Our Cloud Connect service offers you safe and manageable private connections to the cloud from our data centers. If you are looking to (partially) move your IT workloads to the cloud, this can be done faster and easier from a data center. Watch our video to learn more.

Cloud Connect. The benefits for you:

  • Cloud Connect offers access to all major public cloud providers
  • A wide range of Dutch and international private cloud providers
  • Private connections, bypassing the Internet
  • Controllable and manageable data flows 
  • The ability to connect your private and public cloud (hybrid cloud)
  • A continuously growing ecosystem of providers and interconnection platforms

Our consultants are ready to assist you in making the best choices and are happy to put you in touch with the many IT partners in our data centers. Would you like to discuss your data center and cloud strategy with us?

Freedom of choice

A data center is the starting point of your transition to the cloud. If you are looking to (partially) move your IT workloads to the cloud, this can be done faster and easier from a data center. The data center serves as a core hub that connects multiple data locations. For example, workloads that you prefer to run and manage in a private infrastructure can be securely integrated with key cloud resources. Our data centers offer you freedom of choice, with a broad range of international and national network providers. This makes the data center an essential part of your digital journey.

You become part of our ecosystem

It is important to us that we continue to expand and broaden our partner landscape. As our customer you benefit from this dynamic ecosystem. Our Region Connect Ring connects all of our Dutch data centers, so it no longer matters in which of our data centers you run your IT infrastructure. Each location provides access to (cloud) services and (inter)national partners that have a point of presence in any of our other NorthC data centers. Additionally, you have direct access to all major public cloud providers, via our Cloud Connect partners.

Multicloud and hybrid cloud solutions

Building the best IT environment for your business requires a well thought-out data center and cloud strategy. In most cases, a hybrid cloud model is the best choice. In this model, some of your data and applications run in a data center, for instance because they are unable to run on a public cloud platform. Other applications that your business relies on may be perfectly suited for the cloud.

Many organizations opt for a multicloud model, combining best-in-breed services from several cloud providers. For instance several SaaS solutions, such as Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc. The data center is a key enabler for your multicloud environment, bringing together all these and other service providers.

Our data centers are the ideal platform to host your hybrid and multicloud environments, serving as secure and reliable connectivity hubs that link your public and private clouds together.

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