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Data Center Solutions

Almost every organization or business is in the process of a digital transformation. Some are just starting out on their journey to the cloud, others have already made substantial progress. This process has several stages and milestones that offer natural opportunities for you to evaluate your current IT infrastructure. A merger, for example, or the moment that IT systems reach end-of-life. Or when your organization is starting or broadening its migration to a (hybrid) cloud environment. Milestones such as these offer excellent opportunities to look for better solutions. Hosting your essential IT systems in an external data center can be one of these solutions.

As a leading external data center provider, NorthC offers:

  • High availability and redundancy: ensuring your business continuity;
  • fully compliant: certified colocation services in the Netherlands;
  • 24/7/365 physical security: with certified security personnel on-site;
  • fast and reliable connectivity: an (inter)national ecosystem of network providers and cloud providers;
  • flexibility: the ability to quickly scale capacity as needed, usually within just a few days;
  • self-service portal: for reporting, to request remote services or place new orders, or request access to our data centers;
  • monitoring portal: providing insight in power levels and power consumption, temperature, humidity levels and more;
  • financial predictability: an external data center offers clear and transparent pricing plans. In addition, all essential data center facilities such as power, cooling and physical security are included in these pricing plans;
  • consultancy: to help you devise the best possible data center and cloud strategy for your business;
  • project management: during the migration of your IT systems to an external data center;
  • you remain fully in control of all your systems and you have 24/7 physical access.

Dutch Data Centers

With ten regional data centers spread throughout the Netherlands, there is sure to be a NorthC data center near you. Our data centers are connected to each other via our fast and reliable Region Connect Ring. This means that from every NorthC data center, you have access to all our connectivity options and to a complete ecosystem of cloud services and other managed IT services. Also, we can help you set up a twin data center solution. This means your IT runs in two identically configured data centers. All data and all changes are replicated in real-time between these sites, ensuring uptime and availability.

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