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As flexible as you are dynamic

Every organization is working on its digital transformation and making steps towards the cloud. Perhaps you are yet to take the first step, or maybe you’re already on the way. NorthC supports you in every phase of this process.

We understand that housing your IT is a specialized affair. This is why we help you migrate your IT equipment from your own location to our data centers, and why we also support you in connecting to for example the public cloud. We would like to introduce you to our ecosystem of connected partners, such as system integrators and cloud and network providers.

We use suites, racks, and large-scale data center room surfaces to realize the ideal solution. We take a close look at your wishes, needs, and developments together. Both for now and for the future. NorthC is carrier and cloud independent, so you can choose for yourself which network and cloud providers best fits you. Our data centers are redundantly connected to these providers.

The best digital ecosystem always nearby

Maximum capacity, optimal flexibility

There should be no doubts about the availability and security of your IT infrastructure. This is why we offer you an entirely secure and reliable environment. All our data centers are built according to the Tier 3 standard and as such comply with the highest demands of operational continuity. In addition, our climate control installations are continuously ensuring the perfect amount of cooling and air conditions. This makes it so that our data centers have an uptime track record of 99.999%. And with a total floor area of 60,000 m² and a capacity of 44 megawatt, we are able to realize a swift implementation.

Our customers rate us at 8,2 out of 10 on average

“Because of the Tier 4 design we have a high level of trust. And with an active-active replica of our IT platform in the NorthC data center in Rotterdam (a so-called Twin Data Center solution) our e-fulfilment services are always available.”

Wouter Stolk, Montapacking

“With our presence in NorthC’s data centers we instantly cover a large part of the Netherlands because NorthC serves several regional hotspots, whilst also maintaining a strong presence in the greater Amsterdam area.”

Aleksandar Mitrov, AMS-IX

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