Reliable and flexible connectivity

Connectivity is an essential part of our service. We understand that you want to be free to choose your suppliers and providers, so our data centers are cloud and carrier independent.

The connectivity partners in our data centers

Our data centers are at the heart of a diverse ecosystem of customers, cloud and connectivity providers. To give our customers as much choice as possible, this ecosystem is constantly expanding with new collaborations and partners. Should you choose an organization we are not yet partnered with, we will help to set them up. To see the full list of our current partners, please download our carrier overview here.

Dutch Data Centers

Our data centers in the Netherlands are connected to each other via our fast and reliable Region Connect Ring. This means that from every NorthC data center, you have access to all our connectivity options and to a complete ecosystem of cloud services and other managed IT services. Also, we can help you set up a twin data center solution. This means your IT runs in two identically configured data centers. All data and all changes are replicated in real-time between these sites, ensuring uptime and availability. Curious about all the benefits the Region Connect Ring can offer you?

View our Region Connect Ring

Choose a partner that fits your needs

Below is a small selection of our current partners. Or download the complete overview of our connectivity partners.

We collaborate with the following connectivity partners

Internet Exchanges

With NorthC, you are guaranteed good connectivity to and from the internet. We are partnered with some of the largest Internet Exchanges in Europe, and all our locations are connected to the AMS-IX, NL-iX, R-iX (Rotterdam Internet Exchange, part of NL-iX). As a result of the direct connection to an Internet Exchange, you don’t have to choose a data center in the greater Amsterdam area to still profit from high speed, reliability and security.

Cloud Connect

By housing your applications and workloads in a public, private, or hybrid cloud – you’re able to quickly scale up capacity, setup staging environments, and make applications and data available to employees. Through our partners we can offer you IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services of virtually all well-known public providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and providers such as, Megaport, Lumen, Colt and euNetworks. Our specialists are ready to advise and guide you in your digital transformation.

ISP hosting

Internet Service Providers are an important part of our infrastructure and you can setup your network entirely based on your own demands and needs. It is also easy to switch providers. We have a large selection of ISPs, including IP networks including Dataweb, DC Spine, Fusix, atom86, TransIP, and A2B Internet. Such a large selection gives you the freedom to choose the provider that suits you best.

IP transit

IP Transit is a service where an Internet Service Provider (ISP) grants permission to have traffic move through their network to its final destination. However your business or product reaches the internet, you will always deal with this layered form of access or transit. In the area of IP, we differentiate different tiers, from global to local players. Examples of Tier 1 providers include AT&T, Lumen, GTT, and Telia. Examples of Tier 2 ISPs are Amazon, Netflix, and Google. And examples of Tier 3 providers include Cayo, Cogent, and Fiberring.

Fiber Carriers

We’re able to offer world-class fiber optic providers to ensure you find the perfect network for your needs – whether that’s dark or light. Most carriers provide both dark as well as light fibers (DWDM), for example of Eurofiber, Colt, Verizon, Lumen, euNetworks and Relined Fiber Network. If you prefer, you can make the connection to the internet exchange or cloud provider of your choosing from our data center.

System Integrators

NorthC can also handle your entire supply of IT services. From software and hardware to networks and hybrid IT installations. Our System Integrators are large professional IT organizations with expertise in a diverse range of fields. Here is a small selection of our System Integrators: T-Systems, Unica Schutte, Simac, Cegeka, and Inphos.

Network Operators

If you are looking for a managed connection with high availability, you can choose from one of our many connectivity partners. The Network Operators provide services such as managed DWDM, MPLS, VLANs, etc. Examples of such partners include DCspine, NL-ix, Unet, and Cross Networks.

Our connectivity hub offers advantages

We are a cloud and carrier independent data center that functions as a connectivity hub at the same time. This provides you with a host of advantages. For example, you are free to choose whichever connectivity partner you prefer, and you have complete flexibility to choose your hardware, internet services, and cabling. We also promote innovation. Because organizations in the area of cloud, connectivity, hosting, and infrastructure are this close together, we create an innovative community that inspires collaboration.

Want to know more?

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