Because it’s people before processes

NorthC is market leader in regional data centers. We are the largest reliable provider of colocation and connectivity services with the best digital ecosystem.

We operate within the heart of the Metropolitan Areas of Amsterdam, Rotterdam – The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, and Groningen, and extend our presence to cities like Munich and Nuremberg. In Switzerland, we’re active in economically robust regions including Bern, Basel, and Zurich. We are always nearby and understand the region’s identity. Being close to you is important to us.

This regional connection is reflected in our name: NorthC. The northwest of Europe. The North Sea. NorthC also represents our strength. Our true north, the internal compass that leads us to success and good entrepreneurship. It makes us decisive in how we position data centers in the market, in how we operate. We are not led by others but operate from our own strength. Fast and proper, with focus on our customers.

At NorthC we believe our success depends on the decisiveness of our people. They are of immeasurable value. Without them we would have no business. This is why we heavily invest in our people so that everyone can bring out the best in themselves. If this resonates with you, then please apply for one of our job openings.

The human dimension
as a starting point

Where North represents our inner strength, C symbolizes customers, connectivity, cloud, and content. Our culture is at our foundation – one that’s characterized by the human dimension, because at NorthC, people come before processes. The core values open, personal, flexible and entrepreneurial complement our culture. We give each other room to communicate, to accelerate, to share ideas and to take on challenges. We listen to one another and we’re not afraid to make mistakes, because this will only make us stronger. By working in such a pleasant atmosphere, you’re able to bring out the best in yourself too. And this only strengthens our service.

Bring out the best in you

In just the same way we offer guidance to our customers in their digital transformation, we also offer our team a compass in their personal development. Together we develop your personal development plan – discussing how you’ll be able to grow, both in the short and long-term. Horizontally or vertically.

Project Manager for new build data centers Germany

Sales Operations Manager Europe

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