Data center Nieuwegein

Just south of the central city of Utrecht, the fourth-largest city in the Netherlands, is where you will find our Nieuwegein data center. Strategically located at the junction of two main highways, this location is within easy reach from anywhere in the country.

Features of the Nieuwegein data center

  • A connectivity hub with a large number of (inter)national network providers
  • Connection to key internet nodes such as AMS-IX
  • Located in the center of the Netherlands, easily accessible from all regions
  • Connected to all the other NorthC data centers
  • Access to a large number of national and international cloud services and providers
  • 24/7/365 on-site security
  • A dedicated Site Manager for all your (operational) questions

Due to its central location, the Utrecht region has grown into an important logistics center. This region is also an important hub of network connections, a nexus of many international carriers and cloud providers. Interested in learning more about all our partners in our Nieuwegein data center?

Nieuwegein has experienced a strong economic growth in recent years, which has led many companies to establish themselves in this region. All this business activity and the accelerating digital transformation needs a solid IT infrastructure.

Are you interested in comparing our different locations or are you looking to see whether our Utrecht data center meets your demands and requirements?


The centrally-located data center is connected to all other NorthC locations via our Region Connect Ring, offering maximum flexibility to our customers. For example, you can set up a twin data center solution, with real-time data replication between multiple data centers. With two locations, an uptime of 100% can be achieved, which is essential to the continuity of your business processes. In addition, our data center gives you access to the services of partners that are located in other NorthC data centers. The Region Connect Ring is our digital gateway to the rest of the Netherlands and to the world.

Foundation for your hybrid cloud

With high-speed data connections and a wide range of IT partners, cloud providers and network providers, our Utrecht data center serves as the foundation for your hybrid cloud. The applications and data that you prefer to host in your own private cloud can run securely in our data center. From there, we provide you with optimized and scalable connectivity to your public cloud environment(s). This way, you benefit from the best of both worlds and it will be easier to integrate your public and private cloud.

Need advice for your specific situation?

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