AMS-IX: global partner for regional hotspots

As the most important internet exchange in the world, it’s essential for the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) to be well-anchored in the Dutch data center ecosystem. After all, it’s the main digital gateway to Europe. Over 850 global networks are connected to the AMS-IX. The internet exchange takes care of their connectivity, so for AMS-IX the collaboration with NorthC simply made sense.

Where previously mostly internet and service providers, hosting and cloud providers, and large content providers used the internet exchange, AMS-IX is seeing an increase in other types of customers connecting. “Data flows are still rapidly growing, and the digitalization of businesses is increasing”, says Aleksandar Mitrov, Product & Business Development Manager at AMS-IX. “This causes an unabated demand for colocation. This is also due to the guarantees on business continuity and the efficiency advantages of colocation.”


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Automated delivery model

Mitrov continues: “Businesses and organizations have a greater need of data exchange. Networks and network functionalities need to become easier and more flexible. We have therefore concentrated our efforts on developing an automated delivery model based on software defined networking and network function virtualization. These technologies ensure that connections between data centers (public) clouds, and on-premise environments can be setup automatically, virtually on demand, redundantly, and very flexible.”

AMS-IX EasyAccess and NorthC

The increasing volume in data is also leading to scalability and security having a higher priority. Mitrov: “Connections through the public internet often no longer suffice. The demands for available bandwidth and security are becoming higher. A lot of business data is sensitive. Through public internet connections there is no absolute guarantee that no one’s watching. That’s why an increasing number of businesses and organizations are going for a direct connection through an internet exchange. For example, a private VLAN. In addition, they want to be able to up and downscale the capacity of that connection. That’s why we launched a new service in the spring of 2018: EasyAccess. With this service we can connect NorthC customers to the AMS-IX directly.”

Regional hotspots as steppingstone

“It is important that AMS-IX is present in the NorthC data centers”, says Mitrov. We want to reach as many businesses and organizations as possible, and provide them a user friendly, neutral way to purchase connectivity. As a result of our presence in the NorthC data centers, we instantly cover a large part of the Netherlands. NorthC has several regional hotspots as well as a strong presence in the Amsterdam metropolitan region. NorthC’s varied customer portfolio also makes it possible for us to offer interconnects with a varied palette of regional service providers. NorthC’s hotspots are digital steppingstones for businesses, to the rest of the Netherlands, and the world. We are proud to be contributing to this.”

“As a result of our presence

in NorthC’s data centers,

we instantly cover a large

part of the Netherlands”

Aleksandar Mitrov, AMS-IX