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TransIP: the organization for advanced internet solutions

A strong focus on empowerment of customers and employees. This made TransIP one of the largest hosting providers of the Benelux. The business provides advanced internet solutions to keep their customers’ IT environments simple and comprehensive. And they are constantly innovating. TransIP was looking for a data center partner who could move with them. NorthC quickly caught their eye.

For TransIP, comprehensiveness and autonomy are leading in the developments of their advanced internet solutions. The technical professionals of TransIP build everything themselves. This way they safeguard the reliability of their products and are able to innovate quickly. Because innovation is important. Both internally as well as externally, because TransIP likes to give its customers that option.


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High demands on IT infrastructure

TransIP sees the rising demand for cloud systems and is constantly looking at availability, reliability, security, and the speed of its cloud platform. “The fast changes in the information needs of organizations put high demands on the existing IT infrastructure”, says Jeroen Hüpscher, Group CEO of TransIP. “Customers have started getting used to the ease of the cloud and want applications that are easy to use. That’s why we make our advanced solutions simple and comprehensive.”

Extra location for risk distribution

The server park running TransIP’s services has been located at the NorthC data center in Amsterdam since 2007. To guarantee the security and availability of the servers, TransIP leaves nothing to chance. For that reason, the racks are in secured rooms, they’re equipped with two separate power supplies and the network has also been setup redundantly. TransIP did not think one data center was enough for housing their IT equipment. Hüpscher: “Our customer’s data needs to be available always and everywhere. This is crucial. But in addition to risk distribution and product development, the option to deploy load balancing for our customers was the third reason to look for an extra location.”

After a thorough selection process, TransIP found its current provider, NorthC. Hüpscher: “Risk distribution can also mean that you have colocation services with several data center providers. But NorthC’s Delft data center complied with all the demands we had for our second location. The data center needed to have enough transit connectivity and both locations has to be easily linked.” The new data center in Delft is close to Amsterdam. This allows the two data centers to work optimally.  

Room for creativity and innovation

TransIP finds repetitive manual tasks to be a waste of time. That’s why they automate as much as possible. This creates room for creativity and innovation. Important, because the business is always working on new things and constantly looking for ways to further improve availability, speed, and reliability of internet services. A good example of this is HA-IP; a highly available IPv4 and IPv6 address that forwards all desired TCP traffic to a VPS of choice. HA-IP makes it possible to rapidly switch to another server. That way the VPS is never the single point of failure in the system of a customers. Another reason why the choice for a redundant data center is a good fit. “With this we go another step further in providing high availability. Not only can customers now switch between two VPSs rapidly, but they also have two separate data centers available to them.”

“We want the very best

for our customers,

that same mindset

is in NorthC’s DNA.”

Jeroen Hüpscher, Group CEO TransIP

Entirely redundant

NorthC’s twin data center solution offers maximum security to the customers of TransIP. The Tier 3 data centers in Delft and Amsterdam are setup to provide in all demands of security and compliancy in the coming years. The data centers are linked together through a 100G WDM optic fiber ring. All network components, cooling, and power installations have also been setup redundantly. Should one route go down, the other one will pick up the slack. Without interruption.


Shared mindset 

Hüpscher looks back at the migration with satisfaction. “Together with NorthC we setup a migration plan. They have experience with these kinds of expansions. That gave us confidence.” Hüpscher also admires the flexibility of the data center. “Digital growth will continue in the coming years. So, you need scalable data center capacity. We want the very best for our customers. That same mindset is in NorthC’s DNA. The past eleven years have created a real partnership.”


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