NorthC builds rewarding relationships with consultants and agents

NorthC is dedicated to offering agents and consultants exceptional compensation that reflects their contributions to successful deals.

NorthC understands the crucial role that agents and consultants play in sourcing the right data center solutions for their clients. Because of this NorthC is dedicated to establishing mutually beneficial relationships based on this understanding. This commitment has led to the creation of the NorthC Alliance Program, which articulates NorthC’s vision for investing in these relationships through compensation, collaboration, and continuous support, specifically aimed at those consultants looking for data center space for their clients in The Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.


Excellent Compensation

NorthC is dedicated to offering agents and consultants exceptional compensation that reflects their contributions to successful deals. Vincent Wammes, NorthC Director of International Alliances & Accounts, highlights the company’s approach: “Our compensation model is designed to be fair and competitive. Transparency is key to our partnership philosophy, acknowledging the crucial role agents and consultants play, not only as advisors but also in guiding us regarding the client-specific needs. Their insights and client relationships are invaluable, warranting a compensation plan that truly reflects this. This results in a rewarding partnership for all parties.”


Collaborating for Success

Central to the NorthC Alliance Program is the emphasis on collaboration through personal service and support for agents and consultants. “You are at the core of our partnership model. We aim to make your role in meeting your clients’ data center needs in Europe as smooth as possible, handling all the heavy lifting regardless of the size of the need. Your position as a trusted advisor is crucial in addressing your clients’ data center solution needs,” explains Wammes.


Ongoing Support

NorthC’s support extends beyond the initial deal, with a long-term approach that includes ongoing assistance to ensure solutions continue to meet the evolving needs the clients. “Our commitment doesn’t end with the sigantures; we offer proactive support for any additional needs. You’ll have a dedicated account manager, customer success manager, support team and technical consultant available at any time. Importantly, we maintain the integrity of your client relationship, allowing you full control over the requirements and ensuring that any growth within our data centers remains within your portfolio,” Wammes adds.

Vincent Wammes, Director International Alliances & Accounts

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As your dedicated partner in Europe, we go beyond providing top-tier service and support by also offering attractive commissions and unmatched expertise, always evolving to boost our partners and their clients’ success.