NorthC Data Centers Prioritizes Personal Service and Support

Increasingly, US agents, consultants, and commercial real estate firms are choosing NorthC for their regional data center needs, drawn by the personalized service and focus.

NorthC Data Centers is setting itself apart in the European data center landscape with its two decades of experience, a personalized approach as a regional colocation provider, a 100% focus on data centers, and a clear plan for growth. This unique blend makes NorthC a preferred choice for agents, consultants, and commercial real estate firms, offering a notable alternative to global data center services.


A Pioneer in the European Data Center Sector

Even though the NorthC name was established in 2019, the company and its team have been key players in the European data center sector from the beginning. Vincent Wammes, Director of International Alliances & Accounts, says: “We’re one of the Netherlands’ first independent colocation providers, with a long history of operating data centers. The formation of NorthC in 2019, through the merger of KPN data centers, two BT data centers, and The Data Center Group, made us the largest regional center in the Netherlands. Our history and experience go back much further than our recent rebranding.”


Growth Strategy

Since its start, NorthC has focused on expanding its presence, especially in the Netherlands and the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), aligning with its growth strategy. Acquiring IP Exchange GmbH in Germany in 2021 and Netrics’ data centers in Switzerland in 2022 has strengthened NorthC’s foundation for growing its regional data center network across Europe.

Wammes elaborates on NorthC’s expansion strategy, emphasizing growth in both physical presence and team expertise. “In recent years, we’ve expanded through new constructions and acquisitions in the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. This is part of our strategy to extend our services in key connectivity hubs, like our upcoming data center in Frankfurt, and regional areas to better serve local companies and customers. Our team has grown to over 150 data center professionals, enhancing our collective knowledge and experience.”


Local Service Offering Global Advantages

Increasingly, US agents, consultants, and commercial real estate firms are choosing NorthC for their regional data center needs, drawn by the personalized service and focus. Wammes highlights the benefits of partnering with a regional colocation provider like NorthC: “Over the last two decades, the industry has seen a shift towards less personal interactions. At NorthC, we strive to know our clients by name and assign dedicated teams for support, ensuring our clients have direct access to real people for assistance. This personal attention extends from our account managers to the customer success managers responsible for operational data management.”


The Benefits of Diversification

Working with a regional colocation provider like NorthC allows clients to diversify their data center portfolios beyond just global providers. This diversification benefits data integrity too. “Clients value our regional base, as we adhere to local data protection laws in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany. This regional focus is a strategic advantage, offering a tailored, local service that reduces dependence on global providers,” Wammes notes.

Reflecting on the industry’s desire to diversify beyond large metropolitan areas facing power constraints, NorthC acknowledges the need to be closer to their user base. NorthC’s regional data centers, positioned near users, industries, and clients they serve, address this need effectively. Wammes comments, “Businesses seek proximity to their end-users or specific industrial hubs, and NorthC’s strategic location choices, including areas outside major cities, cater precisely to this demand.”


Focused on Providing Top-Tier Data Center Colocations

While global data center operators may expand their offerings, NorthC stays focused on its core expertise: designing, building, and managing data centers. This specialization means NorthC never competes in the same arenas as its clients, avoiding potential conflicts of interest. “Our core business revolves around providing the necessary space, power, cooling, and climate control to offer the best data center colocation experiences for our clients,” states Wammes.


Preparing for Future Demand

As demand for data center space grows, NorthC is preparing to meet these future needs through strategic expansions and enhancements. Wammes emphasizes the importance of a solid strategy to meet future demand: “Working with consultants to establish data center needs, we focus on future requirements, ensuring we avoid capacity issues that can arise. Our proactive approach to expansion and strategic planning means we’re always ready to support our clients’ needs, now and in the future.”

Vincent Wammes, Director International Alliances & Accounts

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