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NorthC is the new name of The Datacenter Group and NLDC

Amsterdam, February 17, 2020 The data center businesses The Datacenter Group (TDCG) and NLDC, who merged in July of 2019, will be continuing under a new name: NorthC. With ten data centers across the Netherlands, NorthC is the largest regional data center business in the country, serving both large organizations and government institutions as well as cloud and IT providers and small businesses. Within the next few years, under the new name NorthC aims to grow into a leading position in the Netherlands when it comes to regional data center services. NorthC differentiates itself by their strong local presence in the different regions, qualitative high-end services, and custom solutions when it comes to connectivity and hybrid cloud solutions, among other things. This makes NorthC a reliable, regional alternative to the majority of American data center service providers in the Netherlands that are mainly based in Amsterdam.

“There is no other data center player in the Netherlands with a similar presence in different regions”, says Alexandra Schless, NorthC CEO. “We see that an increasing number of customers is looking for a reliable local data center provider that offers the possibility of doing business with other regional businesses, provides fast connections, but also offers access to international IT providers, networks, and cloud services. Our new name North’ on the one hand emphasizes this regional character, whilst the ‘C’ represents our core values: customers, connectivity, cloud, and content.”

Connectivity with public and private clouds

According to Schless, the presence in the different regions of the Netherlands, along with the wide range of connectivity options are deciding factors for many customers. “Five years ago the choice of data center was primarily about things like kilowatts and cooling”, Schless continues. “Now organizations are faced with the choice, what are you going to place in the cloud, and what is the best way to go about this? What they manage in a data center themselves they want to have close by, along with good and fast connectivity and with providers of both public and private clouds. The question of connectivity is key in this.”

With ten interconnected data centers in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, Utrecht, Groningen, and Eindhoven, there is a location nearby for every organization in the Netherlands. The locations are linked through a fast connection: the Region Connect Ring. This way customer from each region have access to different ecosystems. Thanks to close collaborations with regional IT partners, NorthC can offer complete solutions that help customers with their digital transformation. Together the ten locations have a surface area of almost 80.000 m2 and an electrical capacity of 65 megawatts.

Double-digit growth

At the same time, the personal, direct contact with the people of NorthC and the flexible custom solutions remain important advantages that will ensure extra growth within the coming years: “Digital transformation is high on the agenda with Dutch organizations and we are better suited than anyone to provide support and advice in this. Our ambition for the coming years is to realize double-digit growth, along with further expansion of our network of regional data centers, in which we also look across the border to the rest of Europe.”