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NorthC develops into hybrid cloud partner

NorthC has ten datacenter locations in the Netherlands, both in the greater Amsterdam area as well as beyond.

NorthC has ten datacenter locations in the Netherlands, both in the greater Amsterdam area as well as beyond. This national coverage provides us with the possibility of offering a centralized, national network of datacenters. This offers several advantages.

Ten locations, one virtual datacenter

The most important advantage is that NorthC can offer centralized datacenter services from a nationwide network. The ten locations form one large virtual datacenter. Customers are therefore able to easily link two or more locations together. Through a VLAN connection they can make use of services from all ten locations. In addition, it’s much easier to make use of services from third parties that are already present on one of these ten datacenters.

A primary and backup datacenter close by

NorthC is substantially expanding in the region. We currently hold ten location in the Netherlands, both in and outside of the greater Amsterdam area. This means that not only will customers always have a primary datacenter close by, but they will also almost always have a backup location relatively close by as well. For customers using an active-active setup, the distance to the second datacenter is of course a prerequisite. Should NorthC not be able to offer one of its own datacenters at a close enough distance, we will facilitate creating a connection to the datacenter selected by the customer.

Easier up and downscaling

Having a virtual datacenter pool consisting of ten datacenter locations also means that NorthC is in an even better position than before when it comes to the demand of temporary capacity. Because the ten datacenters can exchange capacity amongst each other, we can handle even larger (peak) loads. In short, we become more flexible, and thus allow our customers to be as well. It has become easier to take more capacity for temporary peak loads, and to turn this capacity off as soon as it is no longer needed. Easy up and downscaling does not just hold for computing power, but also for storage.

Integrate public and private cloud services

As a result of the national network of datacenters, it is even easier for customers to use both the public and private cloud. This because NorthC does not just provide colocation, but we are also landlord to providers of public and private cloud services. We collaborate with all well-known public cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud. By connecting the ten datacenters it has become even easier to provide services from these organizations to our colocation customers. Our customers can make use of the entire hybrid cloud landscape through just one single point of contact.


In addition to general project management, NorthC also provides specialized cloud consultancy services. Because we offer both colocation as well as private and public cloud services, NorthC is uniquely equipped to provide independent and neutral advice about the best route to the (hybrid) cloud. We function as sparring partner when it comes to the ‘journey to the cloud’ and can guide organizations in all phases of this journey.

Availability and security

Security and availability are important criteria when choosing the right datacenter. NorthC collaborates with a large variety of VPN providers that also offer their services through our datacenters. In addition, our partners include parties that recognize DDoS attacks even before businesses feel the effects. This means that NorthC customers can easily make use of these DDoS mitigation services through these providers.

Help with migration to our datacenter

NorthC continues to invest in its high rated migration services. A migration entails a lot more than just moving racks. We take all concerns off your hands, reduce risks and costs, and increase efficiency and security. We know that data is gold and treat it accordingly.

Want to know more?

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