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NorthC connects its regional data centers in the Netherlands via high-speed Region Connect Ring

NorthC, the largest regional data center company in the Netherlands, will connect its ten regional data centers via a high-speed fiber network: the Region Connect Ring. Combining the individual data centers creates a single ‘virtual data center’ in which data, applications, data connections and other services in the connected data centers are available to customers in any of the other NorthC data centers. The announcement of the Region Connect Ring also marks the completion of the integration of the two data center companies NLDC and The Datacenter Group into NorthC Datacenters, which was launched one year ago today.

“The Region Connect Ring represents a major step for NorthC and signifies the start of the next phase in our growth strategy. The rapid digital transformation of the Dutch economy and the growing role of regions within this digital economy has led to a growing demand for local data centers. At the same time, there is increasing demand for data connectivity between regions in The Netherlands. The Region Connect Ring allows organisations to directly access the services of partners that are not available in their own region, including network and cloud providers. Additionally, the Region Connect Ring is the ideal solution for customers with multiple locations, who need fast, reliable and scalable connectivity to securely access data and applications from any of these locations”, says Alexandra Schless, NorthC CEO. “For instance, customers who use our data center in Rotterdam have access to both national and international carriers and cloud providers in the Amsterdam metro area.”

One of the key aspects of digital transformation is the need to quickly respond to market developments. This is exactly what the cloud and the as-a-service model enable businesses to do. However, the infrastructure and bandwidth of the data connections require the same level of flexibility and scalability. This is just what NorthC’s Region Connect Ring offers. Because the connections are fully managed by NorthC, response times are very short: it takes a few days to deliver a new connection. When using multiple service ports, this delivery time can even be reduced to just hours. This means that businesses can always operate at full speed, growing and scaling up as needed.

The Region Connect Ring offers customers fast and scalable data connectivity that is ready to use, with a maximum bandwidth of 10Gbit/s.

The Region Connect Ring is also a highly reliable solution for customers with operations in multiple NorthC data centers, who are looking to improve the availability and consistency of business applications and data between these sites. Broadband capacity is just one of the key design features of the Region Connect Ring: the reliability and security of the connections are just as important. That is why the entire ring is built redundantly, with a totally separate backup route.